2014年12月5日 星期五


Oral名單及順序(Oral 12min+Q&A 3min)

報告順序 會員編號 Name Title
O-1 873 徐嘉盈 FAM198B, a novel tumor suppressor gene in lung cancer
O-2 922 車婷芳 Mitochondrial EGFR Regulates Mitochondrial Dynamics and Cell Motility through Mfn1 in NSCLC
O-3 939 吳嘉恩 CLDN 1 Regulated by Epigenetics Cooperate with RUNX3 to Repress SLUG and Cancer Progression in Lung Adenocarcinoma
O-4 863 鄭秋玲 GeneX DNA Methylation Predicts TKI Response in EGFR-mutated Lung Cancers
O-5 1205 張雅媗 Whole Transcriptome Sequencing Approaches Reveal Associations of Transcriptional Mutations, Expressions, and Progression-Free Survival among Various EGFR Mutation Status in Lung Adenocarcinoma with Stage I Disease
O-6 1204 翁嘉偉 An Integrated Web Platform for Mechanism-based Drug-Disease Connections
O-7 1211 李佩蓉 High-throughput screening identified CHX2996 as a potential lead targeting lung cancer stem cells
O-8 1409 蔡易儒 alpha-Mangostin Destabilizes Anti-apoptotic MCL-1 through ERK inhibition to induce apoptosis in human melanoma cell lines and Inhibits In Vivo B16-F10 Melanoma Growth
Poster名單與序號 (直式 90cm*120cm)

Poster Member ID Name Title
P-01 891 蘇剛毅 Mice deficient in HLJ1 exhibit elevated ER stress and disregulated lipid homeostasis mediated liver steatosis
P-02 1252 呂萱萱 The direction of movement guided by cancer associated fibroblasts in cancer metastasis
P-03 1280 洪孝儀 Establishment of high sensitive MALDI-TOF MS for H. pylori detection and drug resistance prediction
P-04 1325 鄭婷羽 Novel Potential drugs identification for lipid metabolism modulation by high content screening
P-05 1238 徐大益  
P-06 1079 張文馨 YYEI Motif Is Critical to Oncogenicity of 14-3-3 Proteins
P-07 860 蕭乂菁 M1 macrophages suppress tumorigenesis via STAT1-mediated p53 accumulation in lung cancer
P-08 1178 許凱翔 Screening the potential Src-targeted compounds and investigating the underlying mechanism in lung cancer progression.
P-09 951 王恩瑋  
P-10 1237 吳冀威 3,3'-Diindolylmethane Induces Mitochondria-independent Apoptosis in RL95-2 Cells
P-11 1213 邱淮浩 The tumor-suppressed mechanism of indole compounds through P53 activation in colon cancer cells
P-12 1179 蔣依庭 Study of the role of YWHAZ acting as a regulator in lung cancer
P-13 1249 李佳樺 Virtual Screening by Pharmacophore Model and Molecular Docking to Identify Novel c-Src Inhibitors against Lung Cancer
P-14 1277 徐臣緯 Detection of Fetal Subchromosome Abnormalities in Fetal Nucleated Red Blood Cells by Ultra-sensitive Digital PCR
P-15 845 徐彬嚴 miRNA-10a* Enhances Invasiveness via Suppression of HDAC5 in Lung Cancer
P-16 1215 陳雅均 High Glucose Promotes Cell Proliferation and Metastasis in Colorectal Cancer
P-17 1212 周依橙 Different Growth Condition Affects the Morphology and Proliferation in Colorectal Cancer SW480 cells.
P-18 927 王律凱 MicroRNA-133a Suppresses Multiple Oncogenic Membrane Receptors and Cell Invasion in Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma
P-19 1306 洪啟紘  
P-20 1340 黎享 The role of IMP3 in lung cancer stem cell
P-21 1214 林佳慧 The Proliferation and Migration Abilities of SW620 Colorectal Cancer Cell Line in Different Growth Environment
P-22 1307 陳瑜欣 Differential responses of lung cancer cells to transient low doses of DNA-demethylating agents
P-23 1143 翁永豪 New Era for Cancer Target Therapy-Applying Systems Biology with Computational-Aided Drug Design on Cancers Therapy
P-24 1248 黃琬婷 Screening of the Potential Compounds that Can Reduce EGFR Activity to Inhibit Tumor Progression in Lung Adenocarcinoma Cells
P-25 923 林晴雯 Role of Daxx in Slug- mediated EMT and Its Clinical Relevance in NSCLC
P-26 1193 陳冠君 Identification of DSC2-Mediated Genes in Lung Adenocarcinoma Cells by Using Microarray Analysis.
P-27 1284 吳宜欣 Pleckstrin-2 Promotes Cell Proliferation and Migration in Lung Cancer Cell
P-28 1358 詹珮佩 GPR43 As A Candidate Target of Differentiation Therapy for Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
P-29 1356 尤顥蒼 G Protein-Coupled Receptor 56: A Candidate for the Treatment of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
P-30 1355 康雅蓉 Production of Novel Anti-hypertensive Peptides in the Oocytes of Zebrafish (Danio rerio)
P-31 1190 邱洪磬 Analysis of Human Lung Cancer Cells by Xenotransplantation into Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Embryos
P-32 999 楊家俊 TFs-tarDB: A database of human condition-specific TF-TF complexes and their targets
P-33 1255 陳秉燁 Sequencing and assembly of a salmon genome
P-34 1369 蘇致如 Hepatitis B virus x protein regulates microRNA-106b and promotes tumorigenesis in HBV-associated hepatocellular carcinoma
P-35 1378 戴憶涵 The Regulatory Mechanism of Cell Death by Rigosertib in Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma
P-36 1377 侯欣翰 PlGF Mediates Neutrophil Elastase-Induced Airway Epithelial Cell Apoptosis and Emphysema
P-37 1223 趙雅萱 Potent Anti-Imiquimod-Induced Psoriasis of Formulated Citrus Peel Extract in Mice
P-38 1162 李宜蓉 Study the Effect of Niclosamide and its Analogs on Dendritic Cells Maturation and Function
P-39 1381 吳昱蓉 Potent Anti-Cancer Effects of Citrus Peel Extract in Human Lung Cancer in vitro and in vivo
P-40 1276 黃孟凡 The role of Ubiquitin Specific Peptidase 5 (USP5) in lung cancer progression
P-41 840 劉威廷 Exploring Novel Genes Involved in rice Heading Date through NGS Technology
P-42 1269 高翊瑋 A Screening-Based Approach to Select Drugs for Advanced Ovarian Cancer Treatment
P-43 1224 林孟賢 Inhibitory effect of methanolic extract and eugenol of clove on immune function through dendritic cells
P-44 1260 張雅涵 Role of Exosomes from Oral Precancer Associated Fibroblasts in Oral Cancer Progression
P-45 1062 謝宜珊 Identification of specific aptamers targeting cancer stem cells for cancer detection and therapy
P-46 1072 蔡耀宗 The development of galectin-1 targeted aptamers for cancer diagnosis and therapy
P-47 1064 董家豪 Sensitization of ovarian cancer cells to cisplatin by microRNA-509-3p
P-48 1403 陳浩雲 The role of interleukin-8 in pancreatic cancer cachexia
P-49 1105 張嘉哲 Alpha-Mangostin Destabilizes Anti-apoptotic MCL-1 through ERK inhibition to induce apoptosis in human melanoma cell lines and Inhibits In Vivo B16-F10 Melanoma Growth
P-50 1399 許文馨 Phosphorylation of Adducin-1 at Ser726 Is Required for Mitotic Centrosome Integrity
P-51 1389 張珀瑋 Phosphorylation of Vimentin at Tyrosine 117 by Src Impairs Its Filamentous Assembly
P-52 861 舒德仁  
P-53 1408 馮德嘉 Biogenesis of Podosome Rosettes by Fission
P-54 868 陳菀均 Identification Cancer Stem Cell Marker under Niche Supporting Microenvironment via Transcriptomic and Proteomic Approaches
P-55 1167 張啟聖 Next-generation Sequencing Approach for HLA Genotyping in Multiple Cancer Types

2014年9月19日 星期五

[重要通知」“201​4次世代定序技術生物​資訊與轉譯醫學研討會​” 明日(9/21)停辦

因為鳳凰颱風即將來襲,氣象局已發佈陸上警報。本次“2014次世代定序技術生物資訊與轉譯醫學研討會” 明日(9/21)停辦,另擇期舉行,待日期確定後將儘速通知各位會員,造成不便尚祈見諒。



2014年8月3日 星期日





Identification of Rare Germline Risk Alleles of Diseases via Next Generation Sequencing Technology
DiseaseConnect: a comprehensive web server for mechanism-based disease-disease connections
Coffee Break
Targeting on cancer stemness for next-generation anti-cancer drug development
NGS in Biomarker Discovery for Translational Medicine


2014年3月2日 星期日

[活動通知]2014 國際臨床分子醫學診斷研討會

臺北醫學大學將於103321 ~22聯合舉辦2014 國際臨床分子醫學診斷研討會』,會中邀請參與講演的專家學者陣容堅強,將有國內外相關知名研究學者及醫師們發表關於臨床分子醫學診斷之研究成果,並徵求相關活動主題海報於研討會期間參與壁報展示競賽,將頒發獎金及參加獎狀以資鼓勵,歡迎老師、研究人員及學生踴躍報名參加,此次活動特優惠免費參加,名額有限,請儘早報名,以免向隅。
l   New genetic diagnosis technology
l   Novel biomarkers in diagnosis, treatment and prognosis in cancer progression
l   Clinical diagnosis in rare diseases and prenatal detection in hereditary diseases
l   Bio-signatures in Translational Medicine


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